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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life Drawing

So my life drawing is due soon so that is currently the priority. I thought I might share some of the pictures that I am happier with.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Animation has begun in earnest.

So I have gotten into the animation of the film in a big way and now most of my time is spent with one shot or another. The rest of the team have started on their shots also and we are making good progress. I am still a little concerned about the rendering but we haven't gotten to that bridge yet so there is no sense in worrying.

The tutors are telling us that we are being overly optimistic and that we may not be able to finish the film but I am confident that the film will be of a high quality and we have cut the story down about as much as we can and still have it make sense.

The models are holding up well to what is expected of them and the few difficulties that I have encountered are easily worked around. The dress of the girl which I had thought would be a hassle has turned out to be a lot of fun to animate and the secondary action really helps the character to come to life.


These are pre-render tests obviously and the plan is to use a lot of atmospheric lighting and to really concentrate on adding nice textures to things in order to give the film as high a quality as possible.
The second shot will ultimately have a strong light behind the girl in order to show the silhouette off and add to the sinister nature of the scene.

Here is one more pre-rendered shot this time the spider General trying to rally support from the rest of the spiders for an attack on the mean little girl. the difficult part of this shot was to get across what is happening in quite a short period of time.


So that is all for the moment and now i have to get back to work.