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Thursday, June 16, 2011


So the summer break is here and I am finding myself at somewhat of a loose end after the hectic final few months at college.

I have started some thumbnail versions of a storyboard for the final year film and am trying to get a head start on the dissertation which is somewhat less fun but needs to be done.
I am still hoping to secure myself an internship before the summer is over and have contacted some studios with that in mind.

Other summer projects include some flash work, sort of an advert for a gaming convention and working on learning the basics of Maya. I am very conscious of the fact that Maya is heavily used in the industry and I want to be prepared for that when the course comes to an end.

As soon as I have anything presentable I will post some pictures.
Right now I am working on finishing some scale models of some buildings for a friend of mine who is into Napoleonic war gaming.
There is more work than I realised in building a tiny village.
I have already gone through two tubs of polyfilla but I do enjoy keeping busy with creative projects.

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