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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Little Later

So this is my first real post on the blog. I am currently working on a film in college and that is coming along nicely, had a good day today and got a nice shot completed. It was really fun to be properly animating again. mostly I have been doing one second shots which are mostly just poses without enough time to really do anything. Today's shopt was vicky kickin in a door and looking kick ass doing it. When the scene is rendered I might put it up here but I am constrained by not being able to show too much of the film online before it is finished.

Just to post something though here is a picture of the Robo Spider, modelling is just about done but it still needs to be textured.

Now I am at home and writing my essay for monday, which is about anti nazi propaganda animations during the second worldwar.

Here is a link to one of the most interesting

Der Fhuerer's Face

It is called Der Fuerers Face and involves Donald daydreaming about life in Nazi Germany.
Amazingly this won the 1942 academy award for best short.

There are a tonne of other shorts including Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and even one with Popeye. Some of the most intersting came from Disney and seem to focus on the Nazi's use of propaganda and how terrible it is that they try to brainwash children by telling them lies and presentiong the world in a warped way, which I found very interesting indeed.

The Nazis and Japanese made a few propaganda cartoons of their own of course but they just couldn't compete with the american studios in terms of quantity or quality.

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